LASA (Laser Association of South Africa)


The Laser Class Association of South Africa is the district memebr of ILCA the International Laser Class Association. LASA is aslo affiliated to South African Sailing. LASA promotes and faciltates participation and competition in the ILCA dinghy. The ILCA dinghy is a strict one design and is governed by a comprehensive set of Class Rules.

LASA holds a South African Championships annually and a Regional Championships in each Region. The dates of these are published in the SA Sailing Calendar and on the LASA events page. The results from these event go to build the Nationanl Ranking Ladders.

LASA hold an AGM at the National Championships to present the Regional and Financial reports and elect the committee for the following year. The Committee is made up of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Regional Reps. To find out which clubs in your Region sail ILCA's, dont hesitate to contact your regional representative.

ILCA Age Policy and Useful Information
The ILCA dinghy is widely used as a youth training and racing boat.  Here are suggested age limits for prizes at youth events. The
stepped progression maintains interest throughout youth years for different rates of growth
ILCA 6 -Youth UNDER 17 & UNDER 19
ILCA 6- Women &  UNDER 21
ILCA 7 -Men UNDER 21
* The age the competitor becomes in the year of the Championship 
In general, ILCA recommends that youth events be held in ILCA 4 and ILCA 6. ILCA also supports an "Under 21" category (17 - 20 years old in the year of the championship) for the ILCA 7 Men and ILCA 6 Women categories.
WOMEN - policy
ILCA's recommended policy is that Women’s championships should be held in the ILCA 6.
For identification purposes, sails used at certain women’s events shall carry a red rhombus above the top batten pocket on both sides, see class rule 4(g).Red rhombi shall conform with ILCA Rules, Part Two, section 4(g) RED RHOMBUS.
ILCA 4 - policy
Although the ILCA 4 is used primarily as a youth class, at times it may be appropriate to run“open” ILCA 4 regattas for lighter weight sailors of all ages. At these events, separate category prizes for youth and women should also be considered, in a format similar to the ILCA 6

ILCA 6 - policy
With the exception of world and some continental championships most ILCA 6 regattas are mixed gender and ages. 

MASTERS - policy, age limits and identification
ILCA's recommended policy for Masters events is that the sailor must reach the ages given in Fig. 1 (below), which shall be defined in the Notice of Race. The following colours in Figure 1 are recommended for identification bands on the mast below the gooseneck so that different category masters know who they are sailing with when they sail in mixed fleets.
Age Group                 Masters Category                   Fleet                           Colour
30 to 44                     Apprentice Master                     (7 / 6)                           Green
45 to 54                      Master                                        (7 / 6)                           Red
55 -64                         Grand Master                            (7 / 6)                            Blue
65 - 74                        Great Grand Master                  (7 / 6)                           Yellow
75 and over                Legends (6) White